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Natural Hair

Taking care of natural hair is as important as taking care of chemically treated hair. Some people think because its natural there is no need to put any effort. There is a need! Natural hair becomes dry just like chemically treated hair and needs moisture and your scalp needs to be hydrated. Air in the winter is dryer and harsher. The water, that’s another post- there are so many metals and harsh minerals in the water as well as other pollutants. The water that we insist on drinking from the faucet is what we are using to cleanse our hair and yes, the same problems our bodies would have if we would drink faucet water- that has not been purified- are the problems we would introduce to our hair and skin on our heads! So our scalps need to be detoxified and hydrated. Leave in conditioners and oils like jojoba oil and almond oil are great choices! Keeping the hair moisturized with conditioning treatments is imperative because natural hair will dry out and can become weak and thus will snap off.  So put effort into keeping the natural hair hydrated by keeping up with the good water and healthy diet as well as quality products. Keep the hair moisturized, conditioned; and get a trim every 6-8 weeks. Compliment the hair by braiding it at night in a few braids or twists; maybe 6 or so…maybe only 4 all depending on the wave pattern you want to see once removed but these little techniques will give you a style that’s easy to manage.

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