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Hair Conditioners

‘Its a 10’ is one of the best leave in conditioners. It detangles your hair; the hair feels like silk within the first few seconds you spray it on your hair. Anyone with a lot of hair or a small amount…it is a heat protectant, it seals in moisture, improves hair elasticity, & UV protectant. The second leave in I recommend is by Unite. Its called 7 seconds. Literally, your hair detangles and feels soft in 7 seconds!

These next conditioners I’m going to list are not leave ins. You rinse them out after 5-15 minutes. Avlon’s Kera Care Anti-itch conditioner is my number 1 pick for those who have dry scalp and/or itchy scalp. Also for those who get hair relaxers. Hair relaxers rob the scalp and hair of moisture and that produces dry hair and scalp; it needs to be replenished; this conditioner is a great for that! As stated, it’s not a leave in. You leave this on for 15 minutes under heat then rinse out. It is also great for detangling the hair. For coarse, hard feeling, hair…that ‘wiry’ texture- Avlon’s Kera Care Humecto - conditioner will soften the hair instantly. This one also works for hair that has become dreaded by accident. For fine limp or fine hair, or hair that is color treated, I like to use Kevin Murphy conditioners. They are made with vitamins and skin care ingredients giving life to the hair.What I l really like about his conditioners is you leave 20% of the product in the hair! Its not your typical conditioner. UNITE has a hair conditioner that will leave the hair supple, and it gives the hair shine called 7 seconds- like the leave in, this one detangles the hair. The hair is soft, full, shiny and they provided a great foundation for your blowout. I use other conditioners however these are the ones I use the most. 

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is your key to a successful head of hair. Its the foundation needed to give you the results you need.

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